Internationalize, Translate, & Localize

Internationalize software, machine translate documents with 100% accuracy.

Transcribe audios and videos or simply project manage all translation projects using Prudle Studio.


For Every Enterprise

Measure, Control, Analyse, Re-use, Save Cost.

Bird’s eye view on what is getting translated, who is translating and at what speed. Control your content, track the progress in real time on your projects. Obtain built-in business intelligence and charts which get generated automatically as soon as a project is processed for translation and built-in language quality checks on the translated content. Leverage from one or multiple translation memories, manage your machine translation engines, glossary management and much more.


For LSP & Translation Agency

Custom Workflows, Manage Client and Vendors, Save Time.

Define your own workflows and set project deadlines. Provide visibility to your clients and increase their satisfaction. Add unlimited agencies and translators. Extracting and merging of content takes a lot of time and with Prudle TMS there is no need to do so, hence save a lot of your time.


For Translators

CAT tool with Project Management, TM Management, Cost & Invoice Management.

Translate and manage your projects and clients. Powerful CAT tool with all needed modules well integrated. Collaborate with other translators while translating and proofreading.


Prudle-1 Connecting Multilingual

Transforming the method of translation through swiftness.

PrudleOne also named as Prudle-1, is the quickest and simplest way to find and hire translators. Our team of translators ensures to uphold a standard of excellence through the deliverance of their work. With PrudleOne App and Web module content providers can select a native translator in any domain without the hazard of the translation quality.


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Prudle At Glance!

All-in-One. From Internationalization to Localization

From Software Internationalization to Localization QA to Go Global!

World’s first all-in-one platform Prudle Studio, our globalization suite, covers the entire gamut of the products from internationalization to translation, and translation management to localization QA. We minimize the overall development efforts without additional re-engineering post localization and endless bug fixing, thereby reducing your ‘time-to-market’.

All in One Portal for I18N, L10N, T9N
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning AI and ML

Machine Learning & Machine Translation

To drive efficiency, organizations must have Machine Translation and Learning capabilities.

Most of the organizations face a long list of challenges from tight budgets to rising costs. By using Prudle’s MT and TM solutions, we ensure that organizations can save cost and go global in less time as compared to the traditional way of doing translations.

Data Privacy. Never Share Data

Secure. Controlled. Shared on Need Basic. Delete after Use.

At Prudle we make sure that your data is all the time secure with us. When you share data or any file on our cloud-based platform, we encrypt and restrict further downloads for translators and individual associates who will be working on the project. With the use of technology, we are making sure that your data is super secure and yet shared on the need basis.

Data security provided is for any kind of content which may be very critical to you – text, video or audio files, drawings, certificates etc. We secure them all!

Data Privacy
Artificial Intelligence on I18N Issues

No more a static I18N report. Prudle I18N provides dynamic reports which has built-in AI chatbots to provide more details on each issue.


  Prudle Studio automates all those manual steps which are repeated in I18N, Translation or Translation Project Management cycle.

Machine Learning & Translation

Prudle’s TMS has strong Machine Learning and Translation which helps save time and cost.

Translation Memory

No limitations on the segments you store in TM. Keep them coming and we store all of them without any limitations.

Save upto 50% Effort & Cost

With our All-in-One product suite you can now save upto 50% of effort and cost.

My Dashboard

My Dashboard showcases real-time charts and graphs at various levels without the additional task of importing and exporting of data.

Real-time Progress

Check the real-time translation progress on the status of all tasks that enable you to track your projects on-the-fly.

Cost Management

Cost Management is embedded at the back end without having to generate the cost and invoice on a separate tool.

Trending I18N Reports

See the I18N coding trends for a project or for entire team.

Removing Dependencies to Process Content

Developer or content creator can directly send/receive the files to/from translator(s) without sending/receiving to/from internal team or LSP.

Resource Manager

Prudle’s Resource Manager filters out resouces based on the project category and language pair making it super easy for Project Manager to manage and assign the projects.

Notification Manager

Notification Manager allows you to efficiently configure notifications to manage ongoing and upcoming tasks.

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Industries we support

Software & IT




Banking & Finance

Movies & Entertainment

Why Choose Us

Certified by DIPP (Govt. of India)
40+ Filetype Supported
120+ Language Pair Supported
Ease of Doing Business

Data Security

We consider our customer data very seriously hence we take measure to secure it. For example, all data which is uploaded on Prudle TMS is in encrypted form.


We are a team of experts. An experienced team specifically tailored to meet the needs and schedules of your projects.

Commitment to Excellence

Reasonably low cost, best quality, quick turnaround time and committed to exceed expectations.


We are passionate about localization, internationalization and translation.

Our Expertise

Internationalization 99%
Localization 100%
Machine Learning & AI 96%
Translation 98%
Translation Management 100%
Subtitling & Voice Over 99%