Prudle recognises that successful consulting must balance internationalization and localization skills with business process understanding. We know that many organizations often struggle to define a coherent localization strategy, still more relate this to the business of improving their day-to-day localization processes.

Whether it is building a localization strategy, internationalization best practices or defining and implementing localization processes Prudle is confident that our flexible business focussed approach delivers great results for our clients.



Prudle Labs provides a varied range of internationalization services to ensure that global product is simultaneously shipped (English and localized languages) to the market in time – with high quality and conforming to budget constraints.

Prudle has in-house experienced globalization professionals who will address your I18N requirements without impacting your existing release schedule, and ship your products simultaneously in multiple localized languages.


Localization QA

We believe that language quality cannot be compromised, and this can only be achieved by the native speakers who have hands-on experience in content validation. We help organizations strategize their localization QA effort, and distribute the same in various phases of product development thereafter. Prudle can help create global reach for your organization at lesser cost and with better quality.

We offer onsite language experts who can be deployed to work extensively with the engineering team for ready availability of technical knowledge, and save time in setting up an external test environment.

We also have an offsite model, where language experts will be available at the Prudle office and validate your product using remote access. This model works well when the application can be tested remotely, and the build is shared with our testing experts. These technical experts will configure the test environment for language experts to validate the product.

  • Linguistic Validation
  • Localization Testing
  • Internationalization Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Regression Testing