How Prudle Labs helped an online learning navigator localize their business 1 year ago

Customer Profile

An online learning navigator combining ideas from Learning Science, Data Science and Evaluation Research to enable personalized learning pathways. The company works with a team of scientists across several universities to develop the science underlying the Navigator to support deeper conceptual understanding and critical thinking.  They are dedicated to creating opportunities for high-quality personalized learning for all students by understanding and addressing the critical needs of underserved students.

The problem

The company’s application was originally built and deployed in English only. Soon they realized that there was a rising demand for their offerings in Indian and Arabic languages. With a booming demand and a delivery time constraint of 2 months, the biggest challenges that they faced were:

  • Internationalizing their source codes that were built on multiple technologies, viz. Java and UI on EnberJS.
  • Finding the right resources for Internationalization and localization services
  • Training the resources for I18N, L10N and translation management
  • Absorbing the overhead cost incurred for an in-house development
  • Lack of repository for saving and maintaining the content for translation

With all the above challenges, they were on a lookout for a solution that could help them reduce the time to market and own the complete delivery within the given timeline with the desired quality.

Prudle Lab’s Solution

The P-I18N Solution:

Through Prudle Lab’s P-I18N Module platform, the customer was able to:

  • Scan their entire source code of X no. of lines within 10 minutes
  • Generate I18N issues report immediately post scanning
  • Some of the errors in the codes were automatically corrected by P-I18N Prudle, while the others were reported to the developers for taking immediate action

The P-TMS Solution:

Through Prudle Labs TMS, we Prudle Team were able to automate their entire translation of 11 languages, with altogether 137258 words. The complete translation process was seamlessly taken care of by Prudle Studio platform labs. And with this, the customer could save up to 30% of their time and cost without any hassle.

Results, ROI and Future Plans:

  • The customer was able to outsource their implementation task without having to spend on valuable engineering time and resources.
  • They were able to reduce time and effort through P-I18N and P-TMS automated translation workflow that accurately completed the localization process without any significant oversight.
  • They were able to focus on speed, efficiency, and quality, without unnecessary supervision and overhead. With all this, they were able to save up to 70% of overall time and cost, for globalizing their application, hence reducing their time-to-market.

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