Does Your Product Communicate in Your Customers’ Language?

Introducing P-I18N : Prudle's Source Code Internationalization Module


Run and scan code automatically


Collaborate with global stakeholders


Build Server & Code Versioning


360 degree metrix for I18N


Complete error correction on the go

Benefits of Software Internationalizion with Prudle's P-I18N

Continuous Internationalization

  • Integrate P-I18N on build servers to perform continuous scan of source code
  • Generate I18N scan report and share with stakeholders automatically
  • Generate resource file automatically
  • Automatic file allocation for translation on P-TMS (Prudle’s Translation Management System)
  • Automatic extraction of translated file from P-TMS
I18N Phases at Prudle Labs

Internationalization Resource Manager

  • Standard resource manager set for internationalization in all global languages
  • Seamless Integration with Prudle’s Translation Management System (P-TMS)
  • Direct resource allocation to P-TMS for translation
  • Direct extraction of translated content from P-TMS

Automatic Scan and Fix: I18N issues

  • Automatic scanning and bug fixing of I18N code alongside the development
  • Types of issues identified using P-I18N Plugin –
    • Hardcoded strings
    • Locale-specific functions/method: Date, Time, Number
      Currency, Sorting, Searching
    • Strings Manipulation
    • Image references
    • Static URL
    • General Patterns

Internationalization Dashboard


Prudle’s integrated portal displays trending charts and reports on the lines of code being scanned on a weekly and monthly basis. This helps the engineering team to take certain measures and ensures coding practices are being followed across the team.

Comand Line Interface (CLI)

Prudle’s Command Line Interface is very useful when you have to do the following–

  • Batch scanning of source code i.e. multiple files and different technologies.
  • Saves a lot of time as compared to IDE based scanning.
  • PUSH and PULL the files directly from CLI.
Prudle I18N - Jenkins integrations

Integration with Build Server & Code Versioning

P-I18N is well integrated with build infrastructures and source code versioning tools. P-I18N supports the following:

  1. Jenkins
  2. BuildBot
  3. CruiseControl
  4. GitHub
  5. BitBucket
  6. CSV

Internationalization Process by P-I18N

Three Steps I18N Process