Çeviri Hizmetini Küreselleştiren Hindistan’lı Girişim Prudle Labs Röportajımız!

We have promised to introduce you to many of the successful initiatives that have opened up some of the initiatives in the past few days at Startup Istanbul. Here’s one of them: Prudle Labs …

Prudle Labs, a tip-to-edge globalization platform for translation, offers translation services without internationalization. It reduces costs and shortens processes for companies by eliminating the barriers and mediators across the content supply’s entire supply chain. India’s initiative Prudle Labs is targeting a portion of its global market share, US $ 45 billion, and 500,000 professional translators.

Here is our interview with Deepinder Singh, founder of Prudle Labs:

Moblobi.com:  Could you tell us a bit about Prudle Labs?

Deepinder Singh / Prudle Labs : Prudle is an integrated market for translators. Using technology that reduces the cost of companies and increases profit margins for translators; we are removing the obstacles between the content authors (the developer who writes the software code) and the translators.

Moblobi.com: Great … Can you summarize numerically what, in short, is your growth targets in Pte 2018?

Deepinder Singh / Prudle Labs:  We want to take over our platform to translate the content of more than 50% of the world’s translators. At the same time, we aim to enable companies to use our product pipeline, an ERP solution, to translate and manage the entire translation supply chain. In terms of income from 2018 to $ 2-3 million revenue targets Prudle Labs : uz.

Moblobi.com: How much do you need to invest?

Deepinder Singh / Prudle Labs: We are looking for 300,000 – 500,000 USD to expand our development team and use some of them in marketing.


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