Prudle offers a gamut of customized Internationalization services designed to understand your technology. We minimize the overall development effort without additional re-engineering post localization and endless bug fixing, thereby reducing your ‘time-to-market’.

Our dedicated Internationalization module works seamlessly with MS Visual Studio, Eclipse, Net Beans, and other IDEs. With our prime focus being quality, your releases can rely on our technology combined with a ‘state-of-the-art’ reporting system to help you take your products to the global market with minimal turnaround time. Our systems enable our end users to make modifications at source-codelevel based on pre-loaded suggestions and meet international release deadlines ahead of time.



Trending information on coding standards




Displays trending information on in-house coding standards for I18N being followed.



IDE based plugin




I18N Module of Prudle enables developers to check for internationalization issues much ahead of release cycle.



Criterion-based scanning




Scans your source code based on the criterion defined that are specific to the project.



Supported technology and languages supported




Supports Microsoft and Java based technologies file types CS, SLN, PRJ, HTML, CSHTML and Java.







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