Prudle’s Translation Management offers end-to-end support for the complete translation project management life cycle. With well-regulated processes that lead to efficient translation project management, our solutions encompass the entire scope of the project from inception to planning and execution to optimization.

Prudle enables you to monitor and control translation projects by rendering highly effective automation workflows with the core focus on automation and seamless integration. Our vision is to design and integrate bespoke project management solutions tailored for each of our customer’s business units.



My Dashboard


My Dashboard showcases real-time charts and graphs at various levels without the additional task of importing and exporting of data from multiple tools and data sources. Enables faster decision making, and provides time-based details of the maximum or minimum words translated.

This dashboard also comprises other charts that display the ‘per word’ cost, and the weekly, monthly, or yearly expenditure of the vendor or translator.



Projects Scheduler




Projects Scheduler is based on the translation project schedule and allows you to track the ongoing and upcoming projects.



Resource Manager




Resource Manager helps manage and view the translation agency or linguists working on your projects.



Translation Manager



Translation Manager provides real-time leveraging from the existing translation database where content that has already been translated does not have to be re-translated. For example, word which gets translated and has been repeated in rest of the document, would turn as translated when translated once.



Translation Editor



Translation Editor enables the linguist to perform translations without the hassles of pre and post analysis on the files, and the linguists get to view only what requires to be translated.



Notification Manager




Notification Manager allows you to efficiently configure and manage ongoing and upcoming tasks and receive automated notifications ahead of time.



Query Manager



Query Manager helps translators shoot queries directly to the project creator. This drastically reduces time and multiple handshakes between linguists, agencies, and project creators.



Status Checker



Status Checker provides real-time translation progress on the status of all tasks that enable you to track your projects on-the-fly.



Supported File types




Provides support for file types such as po, properties, resx, uni, rc, docx, doc, pptx, ppt, xlsx, xls, pdf.



Invoice Manager



Invoice manager is embedded at the back end without having to generate the cost and invoice on a separate tool. The input taken is based on the words processed and type of tasks assigned, and is project-specific.