Translation Management System

AI Powered and ‘All-In-One’ Translation Management System.

Control your content, get real time progress on your projects and collaborate with stakeholders.

Prudle’s Translation Management (P-TMS) offers end-to-end support for the complete translation project management life cycle. With well-regulated processes that lead to efficient translation project management, our solutions encompass the entire scope of the project from inception to planning and execution to optimization.

Prudle enables you to monitor and control translation projects by rendering highly effective automation workflows with the core focus on automation and seamless integration. Our vision is to design and integrate bespoke project management solutions tailored for each of our customer’s business units.

My Dashboard

Build-in Business Intelligence to Make Quick Business Decisions.

Automate Everything

Reduce your Manual Effort and Automate Everything.

Project Workflows

Define Your Own Project Workflows.

MT, TM and Glossaries

All at one place – Machine Translation, Translation Memories and Glossaries.

My Dashboard

My Dashboard showcases real-time charts and graphs at various levels without the additional task of importing and exporting of data from multiple tools and data sources. It enables faster decision making and provides time-based details of the maximum or minimum words translated. Users can customize the dashboard as per their choice. Here are the few examples of the charts which are generated automatically:

  1. Strings/Words sent for translation (Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly)
  2. Strings/Words translated by a specific agency or translator (Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly)
  3. Queries raised by translators or reviewer – this helps in analyzing the quality of the translation.
  4. Total cost/spent on translation –
    • Project wise
    • Week/monthly/quarterly
    • Agency wise
    • Translator wise
  5. Workflow wise chart
  6. Top languages in terms of words translated
  7. Low priority languages
  8. Project category wise words translated
Dashboards and Charts

Effortless Project Management

Project Management with Prudle Studio

The P-TMS view makes it super easy and effortless when it comes to managing the projects. On a single page, Project Manager can view the complete health of the project from on-going to completed to pending projects. Below are the main features of Project Management:

  1. Status check – In-Progress, New, Assigned, Completed, Cancelled etc.
  2. Progress – track real-time progress on how much % project is completed.
  3. Assigned To – who is working on the project.
  4. Cost – check cost associated with each project.
  5. Take further actions on each project – download or upload files, cancel or delete, view project summary.

Project Workflows

We understand that each project may have different tasks to be performed and that is why P-TMS has a feature to handle different workflows for different projects. For example, in most of the cases, you would need translation and editing tasks to be performed, whereas there could be cases where the content is serious in nature and should follow strict QC and review process.  A Prudle user can define the sequence and workflow for each project to make it more efficient and productive.

With custom workflows, a user can create select machine translation, translation memories or both at their ease.

  1. At the time of creating a project, the user can select which translation memory to be applied or can select multiple available translation memories.
  2. User can also apply machine translation to untranslated segments after translation memory is applied. This not only reduces the time for completing the translation but also reduces the cost of reviewing the content then to perform new word translation.
  3. Various workflows can be defined based on the project requirement. For example, some projects will only need translation but others may need translation, editing, and proofreading or just QC for some projects. Project creators have full control over the content and the way they have to structure the workflow.
Workflows and Tasks

Resource Manager

Resource Manager

Resource Manager of Prudle Studio filters the language resources based on the category and language pair of the project.
Another filter with which languages resources are automatically populated is based on their availability and capacity available. For example, if one of the resources is already allocated on a project for two weeks and 100% occupied, in that case, the system will display that resource as unavailable although category and language pair is matching for the project.

Invoice & Cost Management

It’s easy and quick to generate and manage invoices using Prudle Studio.

Invoice manager is embedded at the backend without having to generate the cost and invoice on a separate tool. The input taken is based on the words processed and the type of tasks assigned and is project-specific.

A user can define own cost for translation, editing, proofreading or any other cost type based on the task type.

  1. You can set cost for clients and suppliers.
  2. Cost of the project is automatically calculated based on the tasks and cost defined for each stakeholder.
  3. Invoices are generated on a single click and can be sent directly from Prudle to client email or you can also download the PDF version of the invoice and send it offline via email.
  4. You can further customize invoices before sending it. Be it changing the invoice number, or file description or word count details or hours spent on any project can be customized at ease.

Query Manager

Query Manager helps translators shoot queries directly to the project creator. This drastically reduces the time and multiple handshakes between linguists, agencies, and project creators.

Information can be provided for each segment or word.

All query history can be maintained and can be sent as an email.

The user can also attach screenshots or other documentation with each query if required.

Queries on Prudle TMS

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