Automate Localization Testing

Save Upto50%of Effort withP-L10N QA

Powerful browser based localization automation.


Save Upto 50% of Effort with P-L10N QA


Prudle’s Localization QA (P-L10N QA) module significantly reduces manual effort, saves up to 50% defect raising time and increases overall efficiency. L10N quality assurance testers do not have to switch between windows to capture screenshots and raise localization defects. It allows LQA testers to be focused on what needs to be validated.

Our Localization QA system has seamless integration with defect tracking tools like JIRA and in case you don’t want to use separate defect tracking tool you can use in-built defect tracking features. Linguists can raise language-specific issues using the Localization QA module without setting up a separate defect tracking system that is complex and difficult to use by non-technical personnel



tms integration
QA with TMS Integration

Send strings to TMS from web application.

jira integration
Integration with JIRA

Prudle QA integrates with JIRA and other defect tracking tools.

jira integration
Screenshot Capturing

Single long screenshot
even with multiple scrolls

jira integration
Paint on Webpage

Now draw on the webpage itself .

Powerful browser based localization automation​


No Record and Play!

  • Our Unique ID for receiving the event does it all and there is no need to record and play like any other typically QA automation tools.
  • With P-L10N QA there is no need to record and play scripts for different languages when you have to capture screenshots or perform any other functionality tests.
  • It doesn’t matter whether you have two languages to test your application into or more, just do it once and all other languages are taken

P-L10N QA is Integrated well with TMS

  • Send strings for translation when you are testing the real application without a need of sending to the internal teams to process it for you.
  • Get an immediate translation of the strings which are processed from the webpage.

Identify String IDs on Webpage

  • This feature really helps when you have to locate the exact strings which have an issue and need to be fixed. For example, ‘State’ which has multiple meanings – ‘State’ as a geographical state. ‘State’ as a physical state. In this case, knowing the string ID really makes a difference and providing this additional information to linguist will reduce the time of fixing the issue.
  • Very powerful and useful feature for any linguist to identify the strings ID for each string displayed on the webpage.

Integration with JIRA

P-L10N QA plugin is well integrated with JIRA defect management tool, which enables directly raising defects from web application which is being tested to JIRA without switching the application.

Draw Anywhere on the Webpage

Prudle’s Command Line Interface is very useful when you have to do the following

  • With P-L10N QA Chrome Extension your webpage becomes paint like screen, you can draw or type anything on it.
  • You can type a text and other paint like features on the web application itself.

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