We have an art of taking audio/video recordings and Transcribe them to the written text.

Exceptional professionalism and high quality transcriptions are delivered by our experts. All of your voice transcription is handled by our trustworthy experts.

Our Transcription Process

Whether you want to make your podcasts into an e-book or need a written record of your important business meetings, we are here for you. Our well-trained and qualified transcription team works closely with you to understand all the aspects of your voice transcription needs and provide the optimal transcription solution for you. We offer high-quality and cost-effective voice transcription services which cover all corporate and business transcription requirements. Our transcriptionists are not only linguistically proficient, but also have domain-specific knowledge and expertise that helps them interpret the nuances of the recordings.

We support the following filetype for transcription and subtitling -

  • MP3

  • MPEG

  • WAV

  • MOV

  • AVI

Our Advantage

With our in-house developed technology time stamping technology we make sure that your data is always safe and our charges are much lesser than our competitors, even for the premium services. We continuously look at ways to reduce transcription time and cost.

We offer low-cost transcription prices at the highest quality and value. The ingredients for unbeatable service are literally at your fingertips.

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